3 Days in Tirthan Valley – Jibhi – Shoja – Jalori Pass – My Experienc

3 Days in Tirthan Valley – Jibhi – Shoja – Jalori Pass – My Experience

“Mountains are calling and I must go” – This time, the mountains of Himachal Pradesh called me and I visited Tirthan Valley in Kullu district with my friend Jony Jindal. Tirthan Valley is an offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh, famous for its mesmerising landscape, traditional food and Himachali culture. We visited Jibhi, Shoja and Jalori Pass in this trip. If you following my travel stories on instagram, you may already know that I love to travel by public transport. So lets’ start the journey-

Friday night, I started my journey towards Tirthan Valley from Delhi by catching a Volvo Bus moving towards Manali. It was an overnight journey from Delhi to Aut, and we got down from bus at Aut and change the bus moving towards Banjar. The far from Delhi to Aut was Rs 1200 in a Volvo Bus and the fare to Banjar from Aut is Rs 40 in an ordinary bus of HRTC.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

After reaching Banjar, we hired a cab to our booked Homestay at Shoja. It costs us Rs 500 for the journey to Shoja from Banjar. We stayed in a local Himachali homestay there named- “No Society Cafe and Homestay”. It was fantastic experience to staying with local in front of the mesmerising view of snowcapped Dhauldhar Range. We tasted here the traditional dish of Kullu district – Siddu. They provide the food made by fresh vegetable by their own farms. We both loved our stay at No society cafe and homestay. It is located in a very pretty location, just 3 km after Jibhi. They cost us Rs 800 per night for 2 person which was totally worth.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

First day, we just took rest and visited some nearby farms. It was rainy day and snowing at the Jalori Pass top. We were waiting for clear weather. Next Day, we finally visited the snowy Jalori pass. It was awesome experience to drive at that snowy road of Jalori Pass. There were fresh snowfall everywhere and it was looking so amazing. The snow on the leaves of the tree in the season of autumn looks fantastic. Really, This time was precious for us. At that time, we were watching the end of Autumn season and starting of winters in the mountains.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

Jalori Pass is located at the altitude of 10200 feet from the sea level. It is the famous and high altitude pass in between the Banjar and Rampur. The view from this pass was mesmerising. There is a temple of Kali Mata also in this pass. The road to the Jalori Pass was little bit stepe and hard to drive for beginners like me. You can do trek to Serolsar Lake from here if you are planning to visit here.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

At the time of going back, we found snowfall there. We walked just 2 km down from the Jalori Pass Top and went again to upside because of snowfall. I want to spend more time there but we need to come back to our homestay because of heavy snow, wind and low temperature. We did lots of fun there and also played with snow. All Thanks to Mr. Piyush and Dani Bhai (Owner of No Society Cafe and Homestay) for bringing us here and show this amazing creativity of nature. I love to visit here again.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

After the day trip to Jalori Pass, We came back to our room and did bonfire party at evening time. Siting in front of burning fire, It was like a paradise. In dinner, we tasted the best dal of our life made by Dani in that homestay.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

Next Morning, we enjoyed the amazing sunrise from our room and visited their organic farms. After the breakfast, we visited their farms, Grahat, turbine and did local village tour. We experienced the autumn season in their farms. The complete valley was looking so colorful.

After the village tour, we came back to our homestay and took the lunch. As usual the lunch was so delicious. We ate Dal, Sabji, Rice and Chapati in lunch and after the lunch, we started our journey back to Delhi. We start walking towards Jibhi and did hitchhiking there. We got a lift to Jibhi and then we got the bus towards Aut. After reaching Aut, we took dinner and came back to Delhi by the Volvo Bus.

Total Cost of this trip-

3 Days in Tirthan Valley


Fare –

Delhi to Aut – Rs 1200

Aut to Banjar – Rs 40

Banjar to Shoja – Rs 500

Stay – Rs 800 (Rs 400 per day per person)

Food – Rs 1500 (3 days)

Shoja to Aut – Rs 70

Aut to Delhi – Rs 1200

How to Reach Here?

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

For reaching Aut from Delhi, book your ticket to Bhuntar (in a bus moving towards Manali) and lie down at before the tunnel of Aut. From that point (Starting point of Aut tunnel), You can get bus to Banjar Easily. From Banjar, You can reach Jibhi or Shoja by catching the bus moving towards Rampur or Shimla. If you will not find any bus there, hire a Cab to Shoja. It will cost you in between Rs 500-600.

Where to Stay in Shoja?

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

For Stay, you can stay at the – No Society Cafe and Homestay (Strongly Prefer). The rooms are starting from Rs 800 in this homestay. For booking contact- Mr. Piyush – +91 8683821277

For Jalori Pass and Serolsar Lake Trek?

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

You can do this trek to Serolsar lake easily by own but I don’t prefer you to do this by your own. I strongly prefer that hire a guide and do this trek with the trek guide or porter. Mr. Piyush can arrange the guide there for this scenic trek.

3 Days in Tirthan Valley

If you are also planning to visit Tirthan Valley, I prefer you to visit Jalori Pass and Shoja village for an ultimate experience of snow and local Himachali culture. Hope this article of my experience of exploring Tirthan Valley will help you on your upcoming trip. If you have any question about the Tirthan Valley, Drop it in the comment box.

Happy Traveling:)

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